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Food Safety / Traceability

As part of our commitment to food safety, Forestwood Farm conducts self audits we are also audited by independent third party audits yearly.

Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Point program (HACCP).

  • As part of our commitment to food safety, Forestwood Farm conducts a self audit twice a year.

  • Forestwood is also audited by third party inspections.

  • Currently audited by Randolph Associates and USDA GAP

  • Forestwood Farm Inc. has a thorough traceability program in place that allows us to trace the product from the source to each customer’s destination

  • Our employees are continually trained on the latest food safety standards.


Some Background Information on Food Safety / Traceability As Provided By Wikipedia

Produce traceability makes it possible to track produce from its point of origin to a retail location where it is purchased by consumers.

Produce traceability is an important link in protecting public health since it allows health agencies to more quickly and accurately identify the source of contaminated fruit or vegetables believed to be the cause of an outbreak of foodborne illness, remove them from the marketplace, and communicate to the supply chain.

Since many fruits and vegetables are eaten raw, the produce industry‚ from farmer to retailer, works diligently to protect these foods from contamination. Despite their best efforts, foreign matter can occasionally contaminate produce in the field or orchard, in packing or processing, in transit or storage.

Because traceability systems can provide information on the source, location, movement and storage conditions of produce, they also allow growers, packers, processors and distributors to identify factors affecting quality and delivery.

Beginning in 2008, an industry-led effort to enhance traceability throughout the entire produce supply chain was launched as the Produce Traceability Initiative.

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